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zinc and other minerals increase autoimmunity

Zinc and Other Minerals Help Reduce Autoimmunity

Often people with autoimmune conditions are told there is nothing that can be done about changing their body’s autoimmunity. Research now contradicts this. Find out how zinc and other minerals can reduce autoimmune responses.

Fat embolism. Image from Yale Rosen

Too Much Saturated Fat Still Causes Heart Disease

Despite the many pundits claiming that diets overloaded in saturated fats are healthier, new and old evidence proves that consuming too much saturated fat reduces cardiovascular health, and consuming more complex carbohydrates improves our cardiovascular health.

willowherb is antibiotic against superbugs

Willow-Herb Fights Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

We can now add to our growing list of natural antibiotics the Willowherb plant – not to be confused with Willow bark. Find out how Willowherb can fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria alone or combined with antibiotics.