Acrylamides Eaten by Mothers Linked to Neurological Disorders Among Children

acrylamide neurological disorders

Photo by Oliver Suckling

Research from Spain’s Center for Research in Environmental Epidemiology has determined that babies from pregnant mothers who consume more acrylamide have a higher incidence of lower birth weights and smaller head circumference.

These two measurements have been associated with slower brain development and neurological issues such as attention deficit disorders and autism during childhood.

The researchers found that babies from mothers with the highest consumption of acrylamide had lower weights by as much as 132 grams than those mothers who consumed the least amount of acrylamide.

Other research has found, as reported by Realnatural, that acrylamide also significantly increases the risk of breast cancer.

Acrylamide is produced through a reaction often termed the Maillard reaction, which turns baked, toasted and fried foods brown. The reaction occurs when saccharides (sugar-containing molecules) react with asparagine – an amino acid – in the presence of high heat. When the temperature and length of cooking is increased, the level of acrylamides produced also increases.

The researchers concluded that, “Consumption of specific foods during pregnancy was associated with higher acrylamide exposure in utero.” They also suggested that, “dietary intake of acrylamides should be reduced among pregnant women.”

The researchers found that the low birth weight results among the high-acrylamide mothers were similar to those found among women who smoke during pregnancy.

High levels of acrylamides have been found in various baked breads and fried foods, roasted coffee, snacks that are fried and/or baked, and barbequed and flame-roasted. Some of the highest levels have been found among those foods that have been charred or otherwise blackened.

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