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infections and micronutrients

Micronutrients Increase Immunity

Hospital nutritional researchers have discovered that micronutrient supplementation significantly increases immunity and decreases infections among people with type-2 diabetes. The research, carried out by the Department of Nutrition of Beijing’s PLA General Hospital, studied 196 type 2 diabetic outpatients, who were randomly divided...


USDA Food Plate: Better than Pyramid

The new USDA plate, encouraged by Michelle Obama, has been applauded by many nutritionists and health experts as being easier to comprehend, and downright more practical. What does it mean? Let’s lay out the plate. Here are the basics, according to the USDA:...


Is Glycation Related to Food Allergies?

Researchers from France’s University of Burgundy (Rapin and Wiernsperger 2010) have confirmed that protein or lipid glycation produced by modern food manufacturers is associated with food allergies. Glycation is produced during the manufacturing of food products, specifically when sugars and protein-foods are heated...