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How to Treat TMJ Pain Naturally?

The temporomandibular joint is the joint that attaches the lower jaw to the upper part of the face that is the skull. They’re also responsible for facilitating essential activities like facilitating the process of...

plant nutrients for macular degeneration

Plant Nutrients Fight Macular Degeneration (Video)

Some plant nutrients have been shown to help slow macular degeneration according to medical research. This is the leading cause of blindness. Certain nutrients and foods are effective for both age-related and wet neovascular forms of macular degeneration.

surfers ear

Surfers Ear and Swimmers Ear: Natural Approaches

Surfers Ear and Swimmers Ear are different conditions but they can occur at the same time in the right conditions. Here is a guide to each and natural approaches to avoid or delay them by someone with personal experience.

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