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OMT for low back pain

Osteopathic Manual Therapy Eases Low Back Pain

Surgery for low back pain is often unsuccessful while physical therapy more often works. New research finds that osteopathic manual therapy is also successful in many cases of low back pain. Learn more about OMT.

the healthy back video course for low back pain

Low Back Pain Video Course Now Available on Udemy and DVD

The Healthy Back Video Course is now available on DVD on Amazon, and as a webinar course on Udemy. The course introduces the groundbreaking biomechanical torsion approach and a series of techniques to naturally align and strengthen the lower back and pelvis/sacrum region...

Cayenne pepper for neuropathic pain

Cayenne Reduces Nerve Pain and Shingles Pain

Research finds that the main component of cayenne pepper, capsaicin, significantly reduces neuropathic pain (nerve pain) and pain associated with shingles. Whole cayenne also has this effect if used properly.