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pollen and warm spring

Pollen and Hayfever Explode Early

After record high temperatures through the winter, most of the U.S. is now experiencing an explosion of record pollen counts and dramatically increased hayfever incidence. March 20 reached a new record for average pollen count, reaching 9,369 particles per cubic meter of air...

research finds that fecal transplants implant viruses and cause fevers

Fecal Transplants Transfer Viruses, Cause Fevers

Fecal transplants are gaining attention by doctors and those with intestinal issues. But along with probiotic microbes other things are also transplanted with fecal transplants. Learn the latest about the side effects of transferring poop from one person to another.

cupping treats over 33 medical conditions

Cupping Treats 33 Medical Conditions

Recently Olympians and other athletes have been seen with Cupping marks, including Michael Phelps. Is Cupping useful for treating serious medical conditions? Clinical evidence shows at least 33 medical conditions can be treated with Cupping.

zinc and other minerals increase autoimmunity

Zinc and Other Minerals Help Reduce Autoimmunity

Often people with autoimmune conditions are told there is nothing that can be done about changing their body’s autoimmunity. Research now contradicts this. Find out how zinc and other minerals can reduce autoimmune responses.