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licorice herpes simplex

27 Herbs that Fight Herpes Infections

A number of medicinal herbs are proving to inhibit or fight herpes simplex infections – including HSV-1 and HSV-2. Discover more than 27 of these antiviral herbs and their associated scientific evidence.

Phyllanthus urinaria treats hepatitis B virus

Shatterstone Herb Halts Hepatitis B Virus and Herpes

A medicinal plant that grows like a weed in many tropical locations around the world has now been shown to halt the growth of hepatitis B virus, as well as herpes simplex-2. Find out about this ancient herb called Shatterstone.

cupping treats over 33 medical conditions

Cupping Treats 33 Medical Conditions

Recently Olympians and other athletes have been seen with Cupping marks, including Michael Phelps. Is Cupping useful for treating serious medical conditions? Clinical evidence shows at least 33 medical conditions can be treated with Cupping.

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