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A Dozen Reasons to Eat Organic Foods

Despite the evidence, many of us still ask whether it is worth it to buy organic foods. If you have any doubt, here’s the crucial evidence proving just how important eating organic food is to our environment and our health.

organic milk fats are better than conventional milk

Organic Milk Contains Better Fats

Organic milk is not just about fewer pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. New research confirms that organic milk has significantly more and better fats. Organic milk fats are compared with fish.

U.S. Organic Food Sales Continue Their Rise

Despite continued challenges from higher prices, organic food sales in the United States have continued to rise in both volume and dollars. A survey by the Organic Trade Association also determined that more than 80 percent of households are eating organic foods.

Arsenic and Rice syrup

Arsenic in Rice Unrelated to Organics

While the mass media has pounced on an isolated lab test that found arsenic in some organic brown rice syrup, studies show that conventionally-grown rice has more arsenic than organically-grown rice. Numerous studies have...

natural foods whiten teeth

Whiten Teeth Naturally with these Foods

Want whiter, brighter teeth but don’t want to pay for an expensive treatment? According to a leading dentist, here are a number of foods are proven to naturally help you whiten your teeth from home.

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