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Heal Naturally is published by Realnatural, Inc., a company dedicated to the health of our bodies and our planet.

The Heal Naturally site offers the latest in cutting edge natural health research and information, and original articles. We seek to educate by virtue of scientific research and clinical evidence about those traditional remedies our ancestors used for centuries to maintain health and vitality without ruining the environment and our bodies.

Our reports are referenced, peer-reviewed, and free of commercial advertising. (Peer-reviewed references are placed at the bottom of each article.) We also focus on human clinical research rather than animal research: Animal metabolisms differ from human metabolism in many ways. Plus body size and genetic differences make it difficult to apply animal findings to humans.

We avoid:

  • Political sensationalism, conspiracy theories and exaggerated health claims
  • Suggesting anecdotal remedies with no basis either in clinical research or traditional clinical literature
  • Making sweeping judgments or commentaries on medical institutions or their practices without a scientific basis
  • Speculating on health policy matters that may endanger the public health
  • Reprinting hearsay: we don’t assume that just because something is on the internet or printed in a book it is true

We also do not sell supplements or health devices on this site. We also do not bombard readers with irritating popups or automatic streaming videos. And we avoid placing distracting or commercial links within the body of our articles – as our scientific references are listed below each article.

We believe this focus upon information rather than the sales of supplements or health devices creates objectivity in our reporting of the science.

In keeping with that mission of providing objective information, this site promotes responsible publications on natural health with educational materials such as books, seminars and videos.

We seek to objectively empower the reader with the science and the hard facts, trusting that nature will prove its wisdom and power.

To support this free information service, please consider purchasing one or more natural health ebooks, bound books or webinars displayed or linked on this site, authored by the founder of Realnatural, Inc., Case Adams, PhD, a California Naturopath and board-certified Alternative Medical Practitioner.

Each of these books are reasonably priced and thoroughly researched – with the latest clinical science combined with the wisdom of traditional health practices from around the world. They are also periodically updated with new research and clinical findings.

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