Arthritis Proven to Accompany other Inflammatory Conditions

Photo Courtesy of KXDC

Photo Courtesy of KXDC

Researchers from the Netherlands have confirmed that the inflammatory condition of arthritis is related to other chronic diseases typically involving inflammation.

The researchers, from the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research, studied 3,354 patients who were newly diagnosed with arthritis, and compared each of them with
two matched controls – meaning another 7,000 people were compared to these arthritis patients.

The researchers then catalogued how many patients of each group had one of 121 different chronic diseases.

The researchers found that about 70% of the arthritis patients had at least one other chronic disease at the time they were first diagnosed with arthritis. This is compared with 59% of the control cases.

The most prevalent diseases among arthritis cases were cardiovascular diseases, at 35%. Neurological diseases and musculoskeletal diseases followed in ranking.

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This of course indicates that arthritis is related to other inflammatory conditions in the body. Note that only 121 different diseases were compared to. There are thousands of other inflammatory diseases that were not included. If they were, it would be likely the percentage would be upwards of 90% if not 100%.

In another study, this from Spain’s University Hospital of Marqués de Valdecilla, 104 rheumatoid arthritis patients were evaluated for their risk of cardiovascular disease. The researchers used the standard index, Systematic Coronary Risk Evaluation (SCORE) to determine risk after reviewing each patient, and followed with carotid ultrasonography. While the SCORE testing found that 74 of the patients had moderate or high cardiovascular disease risk, the sonography testing revealed that 70 out of the 72 tested had carotid artery plaques.

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The fact that arthritis is a condition that is accompanied by other inflammatory-related conditions – especially cardiovascular disease – says something clear about arthritis – it is not so related to wear and tear as we’ve been led to believe.

Written by Case Adams, Naturopath

Ursum J, Korevaar JC, Twisk JW, Peters MJ, Schellevis FG, Nurmohamed MT, Nielen MM. Prevalence of chronic diseases at the onset of inflammatory arthritis: a population-based study. Fam Pract. 2013 Jul 20.

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