Bites and stings: Homeopathy Can Help Soothe Them

Everyone is susceptible to bites and stings that can produce swelling, itching and sometimes intense pain. Fortunately, homeopathy has a long history of soothing various bites and stings, both mild and severe.

Bee and wasp stings can be painful. Fortunately, Homeopathy has some remedies.


The homeopathic remedy Ledum is widely used and often recommended for any kind of puncture wound, animal bite, or insect bite. This includes mosquito bites, stings of bees and wasps, rat bites, and needle pricks resulting in infections of the fingertips.

Many homeopaths recommend Ledum wherever there is a danger of tetanus because Ledum is believed to block tetanus from advancing. Ledum is especially suited for treating wounds with some or all of the following characteristics:

 The wound may be cold to the touch, but you don’t feel like you want the wound covered or made warm.

 The wound may feel better with cold applications.

 The pain can be dull and aching—but if it shoots from the wound up the nerve, Hypericum is indicated (see below).

 Bluish or black discoloration of the skin that remains after the pain and inflammation have gone.

 If the eyes or face become inflamed or infected from insect bites.

Apis mellifica

Apis mellifica is another widely used homeopathic remedy for bites and stings. Apis is best when the following symptoms are observed:

 A hot sensation or burning stinging pains.

 Swelling that is puffy rather than firm and hard.

 Symptoms made worse from heat and better from cold.

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 Hives.

If you are hypersensitive to bee stings, and they result in shortness of breath, anxiety and/or a sensation of swelling in the throat, it may be wise to consult a homeopathic professional to get high-potency Apis to carry around with you.

Treatment over time under the guidance of a professional homeopath may reduce your hypersensitivity and even resolve it altogether.

Apis is also used for jellyfish stings.

Carbolic acid

Carbolic acid like Apis is a good remedy for severe reactions to bee stings. It can prevent anaphylaxis, especially after such stings. Other signs that Carbolic acid may be the best choice include the following symptoms:

 Nausea and anxiety.

 Covered head to foot with a rash.

 Stings and burns are better when cooled.

 A desire to roll and thrash about.

 Swelling of the face and tongue from bee stings.

Other Remedies

Some other remedies that may be appropriate if they match a person’s list of symptoms include the following:

 Urtica urens is used in stings that develop a rash, especially itching of the skin with raised red blotches. The sting may feel warm, but gets better with warmth (the opposite of Apis).

 Cantharis can be used orally for the horrible swelling from gnat bites. Cantharis is also useful for the intense burning pain from fire ant bites.

 Caladium is for mosquito and insect bites that burn and itch intensely.

 Staphysagria is an excellent medicine for mosquito bites in children that become large and irritating.

 Hypericum is a great nerve remedy. If an animal bite reaches a nerve and there is pain shooting up from the wound, Hypericum can help. Again, Hypericum can be used after Ledum if the pain from a bite or sting begins to have shooting pains up from the wound.

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 Lyssinum is useful for a headache from bites of dogs. If the dog is rabid, get medical attention immediately.

In serious cases repeat a dose of 30C potency every half hour until improvement sets in; then, discontinue dosing unless the symptoms return. You may also start with one dose of 200C potency and then dose every half hour with 30C.

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