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Effects of Music on Agitation in Dementia

Research is confirming that music is helpful to slow the progress of dementia. This includes Alzheimer's disease and other forms… Read More

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How to Help Prevent Whiplash

Whiplash can easily occur when driving. Learn how to avoid it and a few natural treatment strategies. Read More

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Colon Hydrotherapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Clinical evidence indicates that colon hydrotherapy is helpful for constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Read More

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Modified Citrus Pectin for Detoxification, Cancer, Longevity

Research confirms that modified citrus pectin is a potent detoxification agent for lead, uranium and other compounds. It also increases… Read More

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Motherwort Herb Eases Bleeding and Birth Complications

Medical research confirms the centuries' long use of motherwort herb during birthing reduces bleeding and saves mothers' lives. It also… Read More

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Surfers Ear and Swimmers Ear: Natural Approaches

Surfers Ear and Swimmers Ear are different conditions but they can occur at the same time in the right conditions.… Read More

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12 Natural Therapies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Clinical research finds there are at least 12 natural remedies that can improve chronic fatigue syndrome. Read More

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Dry Eye Relief with Plant Medicines

Millions of people around the world have dry eye syndrome or dry eye disease. Medical research finds that plant medicines… Read More

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Seven Herbal Essential Oils that Treat Acne

Scientific research is confirming that several essential oils made of certain herbs will treat acne. Learn what really causes acne… Read More

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Walnuts Fight Breast Cancer, Research Finds

Research is finding that walnuts can significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer. Walnuts can also inhibit breast cancer tumor… Read More

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Bread Preservative Linked to Obesity, Diabetes, Behavior Issues

Research now confirms that a certain type of bread preservative can alter our metabolism, causing weight gain, insulin resistance and… Read More

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Skyscrapers are Harming our Health and Our Planet

The increase in high-rise buildings around the world is crowding out our exposure to natural sunlight. This is producing negative… Read More

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Probiotics Boost Moods and Sleep – Bacteria in the Brain?

Research is proving that probiotics can improve our moods, reduce anger, depression and improve sleep. Are probiotics living in our… Read More

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Gotu Kola: A Dozen Proven Medicinal Benefits (Video)

Modern research confirms many of the medicinal uses of the gotu kola herb used for centuries in traditional medicines around… Read More

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