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herbs and nutrients for men's infertility

Herbs and Nutrients to Boost Sperm Counts and Motility

While sperm counts appear to be dropping, there are several natural strategies that science has shown may significantly increase fertility in men. Here is the latest accumulation of research on nature’s ability to boost fertility.

qi deficiency

Qi Deficiency Proven Out by Science

Biochemical confirmation for Qi deficiency – and proof of the existence of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Qi – has been uncovered in a study of heart disease patients.

fermented red ginseng

Fermented Red Ginseng Boosts Longevity and Fights Cancer

Recent research confirms that Panex ginseng’s various anti-aging, anti-cancer and immunity-stimulating benefits are boosted through fermentation. Here is the newest on this fascinating form of Panex – grown in both Asia and North America.

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