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ginger topical anti-inflammatory osteoarthritis

Topical Ginger Effective for Osteoarthritis

Ginger is already known for its anti-inflammatory abilities. New research is now confirming an ancient therapy of applying ginger topically to treat osteoarthritis pain and inflammation.

Kynurenic Acid

What is Kynurenic Acid: A Nutrient or Toxin?

New research is finding that the biochemical called kynurenic acid is necessary for many metabolic processes. But increased levels are linked with mental disorders and other conditions. So is it a nutrient or a toxin?

osteoarthritis and weight loss

Osteoarthritis Improved by Weight Loss with Exercise

Losing weight and exercise significantly reduces osteoarthritis knee pain and increases mobility, a new study finds. But this and other studies bear another question: Which is more important – exercise or weight loss?


Avocados are Antioxidant and Anticancer

New research finds that some of the fats in avocado are antioxidant and block cancer growth. This in addition to the incredible array of health properties of the humble avocado.

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