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Silver sol and MDROs

Silver Sol Fights Superbug Infections

British researchers have determined that a silver hydrosol gel kills infective antibiotic-resistant infective bacteria such as MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and other MDROs (multi-drug resistant organisms)…

Parkinsons and sleep

Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia Linked to Sleep

Italian researchers have found that sleep disorders are associated with Parkinson’s disease and dementia. This confirms a series of French studies that showed people with REM-stage sleep disorders were more likely…

more blacks get cancer

African-Americans Suffer More Cancer Deaths

Continued research is finding that African-Americans face more risk of serious types of cancer and suffer from more cancer-elated deaths compared with other races, and also more than Africans. Why?

Toxic effects passed down for generations

Toxins Can Harm Us for Generations

Years ago scientists discovered that stress responses can be passed down over several generations within our genetic information – in a science termed epigenetics. New evidence is revealing that toxic exposures can also affect...

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