Lack of Sun Linked to Trauma Cases

vitamin D and traumaNew Research presented at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has linked orthopaedic trauma cases to vitamin D deficiency.

The research was conducted at the University of Missouri hospital Level 1 trauma center. The researchers analyzed the medical reports for 1,830 patients between January 2009 and September 2010.

They found that 77 percent of the trauma patients had low or deficient levels of vitamin D – the vitamin produced by the body from sun exposure.

Blood vitamin D levels less than 20 ng/mL were considered deficient in the research, and between 20 and 32 ng/mL was considered insufficient. Healthy levels are considered to be between 40 and 70 ng/mL.

The research found that 39% of all the trauma patients were vitamin D deficient, while 38% percent had insufficient levels. Those patients aged between 18 to 25 had the lowest vitamin D levels, with 29% being deficient and 55% insufficient.

The research was led by Brett D. Crist, MD, co-director of the Orthopaedic Trauma Service and Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Missouri. Dr. Crist commented, “Vitamin D deficiency affects patients of all ages and is more prevalent than we thought it was. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to increased incidences of fracture nonunions (bone breaks that fail to heal).”

Sunshine produces the healthiest form of vitamin D. Food sources for vitamin D are typically too low to provide adequate levels. Supplementation is usually recommended for those who don’t get enough sunshine.

Find out more about how sunshine heals.

Case Adams is a California Naturopath and a Board Certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner with a PhD in Natural Health Sciences. He has authored 26 books on natural healing strategies. “My journey into writing about alternative medicine began about 9:30 one evening after I finished with a patient at the clinic I practiced at over a decade ago. I had just spent the last two hours explaining how diet, sleep and other lifestyle choices create health problems and how changes in these, along with certain herbal medicines and other natural strategies can radically yet safely turn our health around. As I drove home that night, I realized this knowledge should be available to more people. So I began writing about health with a mission to reach those who desperately need this information. The strategies in my books and articles are backed by scientific evidence along with wisdom handed down through traditional medicines for thousands of years.”

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