Low Birth Weight Linked to Less Brain Power

low birth weight associated with reduced cognitive powers later in life

Low birth weight linked to reduced cognitive powers later in life

Scientists have confirmed that low birth weight is linked to less cognitive health in the baby.

Having a healthy weight at the time of birth is typically considered a good sign of health. And for good reason, because it often means the baby has received good nourishment in the womb.

Science is not only proving this out, but surprisingly showing that early birth weight can affect our cognition as we fade into our elderly years.

Reduced cognitive health

Research from the U.S. National Institute on Aging in Bethesda, MD has found that lower birth weight can mean lower cognitive function later in life.

The caveat is that this association is limited to those with lower levels of education.

The researchers selected and analyzed birth records of 1,254 men and women from Iceland who were born between 1907 and 1935. All the subjects selected were given cognitive testing along with MRI brain scans at approximately 75 years of age.

The birth records were retrieved for births between 1907 and 1935. The researchers adjusted the data for medical history and intracranial volumes.

Published in the journal Pediatrics, the study found those with lower birth weights had significantly smaller total brain mass and lower levels of white brain matter later in life. Lower birth weights were also linked with slower cognitive processing and reduced executive functions.

However, the associations between lower birth weights and lower cognitive function could only be made among those who had lower education levels. Those with more education had no such relationship.

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Brain plasticity and education

This provides yet another reason to continue learning. It illustrates the ability of the brain to change as it is being exercised. This is often referred to as brain plasticity – the ability of the brain to change and adapt as environmental conditions change.

The fact that education relates directly to cognitive impairment has been proven out in other studies. So it is never too late to change one’s cognitive powers through mental exercise and intellectual curiosity.

For example, one study analyzed 60 cognitive studies and found that cognition was improved among those elderly persons who increased their health literacy – which means learning new things about health and challenging one’s medical vocabulary – as we often do on this site :).

Probiotic strategies to increase birth weight

Low birth weights among babies does not occur by accident. It is typically related to the health and diet of the mother during pregnancy. There are definitely things that can be done to encourage a better birth weight

As I discussed in my book on Probiotics, studies have shown that mothers who supplemented with probiotics during their pregnancy tended to have babies with better birth weights, with fewer premature births.

Premature births are often the result of a lack of balanced probiotic species within mom’s intestines and birthing canal.

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