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Nigella sativa asthma treats arthritis diabetes obesity epilepsy heart disease and others

Nigella sativa Treats Asthma and 14 Other Conditions

A flurry of human clinical research over the last decade has found that Nigella sativa seeds – black cumin or black seed – improves asthma, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, epilepsy and other medical conditions.

essential oils treat acne

Essential Oils Formula Fights Acne Bacteria

Acne may be embarrassing, but the infective bacteria that cause acne can grow out of control. Research proves an herbal essential oil formula combats even antibiotic-resistant strains of these bacteria.

Tasmannia lanceolata and infective arthritis

Native Herbs Combat Infectious Arthritis

Infectious arthritis conditions like ankylosing spondylitis are linked to bacteria infections, often from the gut. Research now finds native herbs that inhibit these arthritis-producing bacteria.

antioxidants lessen allergies in children

Antioxidants Reduce Allergies in Kids

Research confirms that antioxidants intake among kids directly relates to their risk of having allergies. Learn more about the connection between allergies and antioxidants.

Sage increases multitasking

Sage Boosts Moods, Memory and Multitasking

Sage is an aromatic spice and tasty culinary herb. Science now proves that sage improves moods, boosts memory and enables better multitasking and cognitive skills: Even hours after dosing.

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