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cordyceps treats asthma

Cordyceps Treats Asthma and 7 Other Conditions

Cordyceps sinesis is an ancient healing agent used to treat numerous conditions. Here we describe what it is, and lay out the scientific evidence proving it treats asthma and at least seven other conditions.

Anti-androgen prostate cancer treatment boosts dementia risk

Prostate Cancer Therapy Linked to Dementia

Turns out that androgen lowering drugs increase the risk of dementia. And radiation and surgery for prostate cancer don’t significantly reduce cancer deaths. When will we start considering proven natural strategies?

Azheimer's disease -amyloid hypothesis is wrong

Alzheimer’s Drug Fails, Amyloid Hypothesis Dubious

The pharmaceutical industry’s newest Alzheimer’s drug has failed to help patients. This negates the hypothesis that amyloid causes Alzheimer’s. Too bad no one’s talking about proven natural solutions. Well, almost no one.

nicotinamide reduces eczema

Nicotinamide Fights Eczema, Skin Cancer, Sunspots

Research finds that Nicotinamide treats eczema in adults and reduces eczema risk in children. It also reduces skin cancer and even sunspots. Discover sources of natural nicotinamide, along with other strategies for eczema.

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