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mistletoe extends survival time for cancer

Mistletoe Extends Life for Cancer Patients

Kissing under the mistletoe tree takes on new meaning as clinical research finds this medicinal herb extends survival times for cancer patients. Proven anticancer in many types of cancers – is it time to consider mistletoe a primary cancer treatment?

proton pump inhibitors increase risk of heart attacks

Heartburn Meds Increase Heart Attacks

Proton-pump inhibitors – the third-best selling type of drug in the U.S. – have been found to increase the risk of heart attacks. Are we ready to consider natural alternatives?

oil from santa barbara oil spill on my surfboard

Getting Free from Toxic Oil – Now

You are looking at my surfboard. Notice the blackened area in the middle. This is from a tar ball from the Santa Barbara oil spill. Are we ready to get out of toxic oil yet? Here’s how we can do it now.