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fiber reduces breast cancer

Fiber Helps Prevent Breast Cancer

Our diet will have consequences into the future. New research finds that eating more fiber can affect a woman’s risk of breast cancer years later. Find out when, why and how much – and see our Fiber Top 500 list.

herbal cough syrup beats pharma cough syrup

Herbal Cough Remedy Beats Pharma Cough Syrup

When a cough gets nasty, many reach for a cough syrup. Pharma versions can contain synthesized chemicals such as bromhexine. A clinical study finds an ancient herbal cough formula beats bromhexine syrup.

WHO says meat causes cancer

Meat Causes Cancer, Says World Health Organization

The research arm of the World Health Association – made up of 22 researchers from 10 countries – has classified processed meat and red meat as carcinogenic to humans. The research analyzed over 800 large human population studies. Find out what types and why meat is carcinogenic.

should we remove amalgams?

Should We Remove Our Amalgam Dental Fillings?

Most of us have amalgams for dental cavity fillings. Are they safe? Should we remove our amalgams? Are we being poisoned with mercury? Here is the current state of the evidence, along with a list of considerations about this very personal choice we each have.

hearing loss reduced by exercise

Exercise Helps Prevent Hearing Loss

A majority of us will suffer hearing loss at some point. New research finds that exercise reduces the risk of hearing loss. Find out how and why, and how to exercise more efficiently.

Awe, Beauty and Wonder Reduce Inflammation

Feelings of awe, beauty and wonder are great experiences. But now we find these experiences also have physiological effects upon our bodies. Turns out these experiences reduce pro-inflammatory markers. Find out the connections between this and depression.

apple cider vinegar reduces varicose veins

Apple Cider Vinegar Eases Varicose Veins

Many adults will get varicose veins. New research is finding that apple cider vinegar can help. Learn about the new clinical study and more strategies to help heal varicose veins naturally.

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