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sugar is toxic

Scientists Find Processed Sugar Toxic

Research has confirmed that processed sugar – also referred to as refined sugar – is linked to early death and a number of degenerative disease conditions. Find out why you should limit eating this poison.

caffeine alters estrogen

Caffeine Alters Estrogen in Women

Scientists are finding that caffeine from coffee, tea or soda can seriously affect a woman’s estrogen levels. This can have consequences on ovulation and menopause.

autism and diagnosis

Autism Diagnoses Continue to Explode

Being diagnosed with autism can penalize a child’s future. This comes in the form of not only the stigma of autism. It also relates to the child being subjected to a variety of psychoactive...

sodium and potassium

Western Medicine Wrong on Salt and Heart Disease

Research confirms that modern medicine’s assumptions about salt have been wrong. Turns out that too little salt leads to heart disease, and it takes triple the amount of salt than previously thought to increase heart disease risk.

pancreatic cancer and meat

Meat Increases Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Swedish researchers have found that eating red meat significantly increases a man’s risk of pancreatic cancer, and eating processed meats increases both men’s and women’s risk of contracting pancreatic cancer – considered one of...

Colony Collapse Causes

Film Exposes Bee Colony Collapse Cause

The honeybee is not just important because it supplies us with medicinal raw honey. The honeybee also pollinates many of the plants that produce our food. Without healthy honeybees, we will likely starve. The...

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