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Red Tides Linked to Fertilizer Runoff

When fertilizer or sewage runs into a waterway, or when phosphorous and nitrogen rise up from the ocean depths, algae can converge and feast and mushroom on the buffet of growth-inducing nutrients.

Vegetables Proven to Extend Life

Something we already probably know but remained to be proven – research from Swedish medical researchers has determined that eating a plenty of fruits and vegetables will extend our lifespan.

U.S. Organic Food Sales Continue Their Rise

Despite continued challenges from higher prices, organic food sales in the United States have continued to rise in both volume and dollars. A survey by the Organic Trade Association also determined that more than 80 percent of households are eating organic foods.

Autism Linked to Gut and Probiotics

Mounting evidence is indicating that autistic children tend to have gastrointestinal abnormalities. And studies have shown probiotic supplementation may help autistic children.

lavender and PMS

Lavender Aromatherapy Calms Premenstrual Emotions

Japanese researchers have determined that Lavender essential oil can alleviate premenstrual emotional mood changes, confirming other research (and centuries of clinical use) showing Lavender aromatherapy produces overall calming effects.

black bean sprouts

Black Beans and Bean Sprouts Fight Cancer

Researchers from Mexico’s prestigious Monterrey Institute of Technology have determined that black bean sprouts are anticarcinogenic against breast cancer, liver cancer and colon cancer cells.

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