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herbs and the flu

Four Herbal Medicines that Fight the Flu

Research confirms that certain medicinal herbs and their constituents have the ability to directly inhibit influenza as well as stimulate the body’s own immune system in order to counteract the flu virus.

how much water do we need to drink

How Much Water We Should Drink?

How much water should you drink a day? A number of studies have investigated this. Here is what the science has determined. Hint: It’s higher than 6 to 8 glasses a day.

fracking and water quality

Movie Exposes Strategies of Fracking Companies

Fracking companies use a mix of strategies to counter local opposition to fracking operations. Now a movie exposes some of these strategies. Promised Land movie exposes fracking strategies The movie, “Promised Land” starring Matt...

world trade center and cancer

9/11 Ground Zero Produces Delayed Cancers

The recent study released on Ground Zero and cancer illustrates several significant misunderstandings about the effects of abrupt versus long term toxin exposure as well as a lack of understanding about cancer…

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