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aloe and cancer

Aloe Vera Helps Prevent and Treat Skin Cancer

Research from the University of Belgrade School of Medicine has confirmed what other recent studies have been finding – that Aloe vera and its constituents inhibit skin cancer and its processes….

mediterranean diet cognitive decline

Med Diet Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s, Not Supplements

If you were hoping to replace a good diet with a blend of multivitamin supplements for cognitive health, you might be missing the big picture. The reality is that diet helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease, but not so much for multivitamin supplements.

medicare fraud

Hospitals Caught Over-Admitting and Over-Charging Patients

An investigation by CBS’ 60 Minutes has exposed one of the nation’s largest hospital chains pressuring their staff of doctors to admit patients into the hospital to meet quotas, and a former FBI agent says the chain committed medicare fraud….

sugary sodas and disease

Sugary Sodas Linked to Strokes and Diabetes

Researchers fhave determined that women who drink more soda tend to have more strokes, and research from Harvard found that men who drink more sodas are more likely to contract type 2 diabetes.

toxins in turkey

Is Your Thanksgiving Turkey Toxic?

The tradition of carving up a turkey might not yield as much thankfulness after knowing the kind of toxins and infections turkey meat can harbor. And new research is showing that toxins thought to be a thing of the past are still prevalent in turkey.

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