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pharmaceuticals and liver injury

Pharma Drugs Leading Cause of Liver Injury

Research is confirming that many pharmaceutical drugs cause liver injury. And continuing use of many drugs produce liver damage. Clinical research confirms liver injury Scientists from China’s Zhejiang University School of Medicine found that...

low glycemic load

Reduced Glycemic Load Boosts Colon Cancer Survival

New research from Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Duke University Medical Center have determined that a diet with lower glycemic load foods – foods with a lower glycemic index – reduce the risk of recurring colon cancer.

hay fever and nasal irrigation

Nasal Irrigation Helps Relieve Hay Fever Symptoms

Research has confirmed that nasal irrigation with a saline solution with more salt content significantly lessens allergy symptoms and the need for medications. Hay fever in children tested The research, from Italy’s University of Milan,...

Probiotics and LDL cholesterol

Probiotics Improve Cholesterol Levels

Research from Montreal’s McGill University School of Medicine has confirmed that probiotics help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and particular probiotic species can correct poor cholesterol.

children and BPA

Eight Toxins Commonly Found in U.S. Children

Researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have concluded that BPA and seven other toxins are building up within the bodies of U.S. children according to blood and urine studies. Large...

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