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Avoid some Halloween treats.

Unhealthy Halloween Treats to Avoid

Putting on a mask may scare a few of us, but the scariest part of Halloween is what we are feeding innocent kids – virtual poison for their developing teeth, livers and blood sugar...

meningitis outbreak

Meningitis Linked to Compounded Steroid Drugs

An outbreak of meningitis infections caused by contaminated epidural steroid injections for low back pain may be causing concern regarding the methods used to compound drugs. A less discussed concern is the safety of steroid injections for low back pain…

prostate cancer and pomegranates

Pomegranate Inhibits Prostate Cancer PSA Rise

Research has determined that pomegranate reduces PSA growth in men treated with prostate cancer, and another study from a Taiwan university has confirmed that pomegranate inhibits prostate cancer cells from growing. Prostate cancer patients...

IIPS leaky gut and probiotics

Probiotics Reduce Leaky Gut Syndrome

European researchers have determined that supplemental probiotics decrease the incidence of a condition called increased intestinal permeability – also loosely termed by some natural health advocates as ‘leaky gut syndrome.’

probiotics and respiratory infection

Probiotics Fight Lung Infections

Finnish scientists have recently found that children who regularly consumed probiotics for six months had significantly fewer respiratory illnesses. Earlier research has determined similar findings among elderly people.

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