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Sage increases multitasking

Sage Boosts Moods, Memory and Multitasking

Sage is an aromatic spice and tasty culinary herb. Science now proves that sage improves moods, boosts memory and enables better multitasking and cognitive skills: Even hours after dosing.

Azheimer's disease -amyloid hypothesis is wrong

Alzheimer’s Drug Fails, Amyloid Hypothesis Dubious

The pharmaceutical industry’s newest Alzheimer’s drug has failed to help patients. This negates the hypothesis that amyloid causes Alzheimer’s. Too bad no one’s talking about proven natural solutions. Well, almost no one.

glyphosate and roundup possible carcinogen

Roundup® 125 Times Worse than Glyphosate

Not so long ago glyphosate was considered a safe herbicide. This is now in question as it has been labeled a “possible carcinogen” and its major brand has been found to be 125 times more toxic than glyphosate alone.

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