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glyphosate and roundup possible carcinogen

Roundup® 125 Times Worse than Glyphosate

Not so long ago glyphosate was considered a safe herbicide. This is now in question as it has been labeled a “possible carcinogen” and its major brand has been found to be 125 times more toxic than glyphosate alone.

Autism Linked to Gut and Probiotics

Mounting evidence is indicating that autistic children tend to have gastrointestinal abnormalities. And studies have shown probiotic supplementation may help autistic children.

autism and diagnosis

Autism Diagnoses Continue to Explode

Being diagnosed with autism can penalize a child’s future. This comes in the form of not only the stigma of autism. It also relates to the child being subjected to a variety of psychoactive...

autism related to toxins

Autism Caused by Toxin Exposure in the Womb

A host of studies have confirmed that autism is not linked to vaccination. Toxic exposure while in the womb comes with significantly more evidence, however. Toxic environment and autism A 2011 study from Stanford...

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