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BPS and BPA are endocrine disruptors

Is BPA-free Really Safe? 8 Steps to Get Bisphenols Out

Is BPA-free safe? More importantly, do most plastic goods that state they do not contain BPA disrupt our hormones? Scientists say most do, and most BPA-free plastics still disrupt hormones and many contain another type of bisphenol. Find out why and how to reduce our hormone disruption.

BPA plastic and diabetes

BPA Exposure Linked to Diabetes

Research has confirmed other research findings that Bisphenol A (BPA) – found among various plastics and resins in consumer goods – increases the risk of diabetes.

Toxic effects passed down for generations

Toxins Can Harm Us for Generations

Years ago scientists discovered that stress responses can be passed down over several generations within our genetic information – in a science termed epigenetics. New evidence is revealing that toxic exposures can also affect our grandchildren and their children. Toxin effects can also...