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cancer and Australian rainforest herbs

Australian Rainforest Herbs Stop Cancer Cell Growth

Researchers from Australia’s University of New South Wales have confirmed that three Australian herbs – relatives of those also used in Western herbalism – are able to protect cells against cancer and inhibit cancer growth among human cells.

Hexavalent chromium

Hexavalent Chromium Linked to Asthma

Researchers from George Washington University have linked allergic asthma to hexavalent chromium. The study found that inhaled particulates of the chemical – derived from manufacturing – can cause an inflammatory response that exacerbates allergic asthma. This study comes in the wake of other...

Arsenic Linked to Skin Cancer

Scientists working in conjunction with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at the National Health and Environmental Health Effects Research Laboratory have found that arsenic exposure may be linked to several types of cancer, particularly skin cancer, bladder cancer and lung cancer. The research...