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reversing brain shrinkage

Six Ways to Keep Your Brain from Shrinking

Shrinking brain size has been linked to cognitive decline. Do our brains have to shrink? Can we slow or even reverse our brain shrink? Here are six natural ways, according to the latest scientific research.

hearing loss reduced by exercise

Exercise Helps Prevent Hearing Loss

A majority of us will suffer hearing loss at some point. New research finds that exercise reduces the risk of hearing loss. Find out how and why, and how to exercise more efficiently.

migraines and exercise

Aerobic Exercise Reduces Migraines

Multiple studies over the last year have proven that aerobic exercise can significantly reduce the incidence and severity of migraine headaches. One study, this by researchers from Germany’s University of Kiel, tested 16 migraine patients. Eight of them were subjected to a 10-week...


What is a Healthy Heart Beat?

We’ve all experienced the feeling of our “heart beating out of our chest.” What should a healthy heart beat be? The rhythm of the heartbeat can vary greatly between people. Research has indicated the average resting pulse for an American male is 70...