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medicinal mushrooms fight cancer

4 Medicinal Mushrooms that Fight Cancer

Some medicinal mushrooms can significantly fight cancer. Here we discuss four mushrooms that have been studied on humans and in the laboratory, finding they boost immunity and help the body naturally fight many cancers.

junk food linked to lung cancer

Lung Cancer Linked to Eating Junk Foods

New research links eating high glycemic foods with lung cancer. What are high glycemic foods? Learn what the research means and how it can help us avoid lung cancer and other cancers.

cancer kids and adults

Cancer Rates: Adults Down, Kids Up

The newly published CDC’s “Annual report to the nation on the status of cancer, 1975–2008” has determined that overall cancer incidence for adults – especially adult men – is down slightly, but for kids and women, cancers are up. The study, conducted by...

young smokers

Youth Smoking Called An Epidemic

Last week the Surgeon General released a report showing that the decline in smoking among young people has slowed in recent years. The report characterized smoking among young people as an epidemic. It found that one of every four kids in high school...

pancreatic cancer and meat

Meat Increases Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Swedish researchers have found that eating red meat significantly increases a man’s risk of pancreatic cancer, and eating processed meats increases both men’s and women’s risk of contracting pancreatic cancer – considered one of the deadliest cancers. The research, from Sweden’s National Institute...