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Med diet reduces heart disease

Med Diet Reduces Heart Disease

Scientists from Spain’s University Rovira i Virgili Medical School have determined that a traditional Mediterranean diet with either a high proportion of olive oil or nuts significantly lowers the risk of heart disease and the hardening of the arteries. The researchers tested 551...

Mediterranean diet prevents metabolic disease

Med Diet Prevents Metabolic Syndrome

A study from Italy shows that the Mediterranean diet significantly improves metabolism, glycemia, insulin levels, C-reactive protein levels and body mass index. All of these factors present the issues related to metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is symptomized by cardiovascular disease, being overweight and...

Med diet and cancer

Mediterranean diet reduces cancer risk

Researchers from the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, France have found that the Mediterranean diet reduces cancer risk. The researchers studied 142,605 men and 335,873 women. They graded adherence to the Med diet with a 0-9 score. Among the whole...