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maqui berry superfruit heart healthy and lung healthy

Six Healing Properties of Maqui Berry Superfruit

New research finds the South American Maqui berry superfruit maintains abundant health-promoting properties, with significant benefits to the health of the cardiovascular system, the lungs, blood sugar and the skin. Learn more about this amazing rain forest fruit.

young smokers

Youth Smoking Called An Epidemic

Last week the Surgeon General released a report showing that the decline in smoking among young people has slowed in recent years. The report characterized smoking among young people as an epidemic. It found that one of every four kids in high school...

skin cancer and smoking

Smoking Linked to Skin Cancer

Researchers from Florida’s Moffitt Cancer Center and the University of South Florida have discovered that squamous cell skin cancer is linked to cigarette smoking among both men and women. The study was carried out among several cancer clinics, which screened cancer patients for...